About Us

About us.jpgVision

All Saints Parish School's vision is to create a school climate that knows no limits to the academic success of each student and to create leaders of tomorrow grounded in faith and service.

Our Community of Saints is Committed to:

Making Catholic Education Affordable – No family is turned away because they are unable to afford tuition.  We offer generous tuition assistance for families in need.

High Academic Standards – We have the unique opportunity to take the best practices in learning and  updating all our curriculums in math, science and language arts.  

Catholic Values – Spiritual development is not limited to a class; it is a continuous, ever present affirmation that allows young people the chance to deepen their relationship to God, develop personal responsibility and practice service to the community.

Excellence in Teaching – Teachers are at the heart of any successful school experience.  We have assembled a highly experienced and talented teaching staff, of whom  a number of them have earned their Masters degree.   Most of our teachers come from the Catholic school tradition and bring the highest degree of skill, commitment and caring to the classroom.

Enriched Learning – Arts, music and physical education are integral to the formation of the whole child and celebrate their God-given talents. In the area of academics, we offer programs for students who need additional support as well as opportunities for students capable of excelling. We continue to offer interest programs before and after school to extend their day of learning.

Strong Community – The shared faith and commitment of Catholic school families fosters a bond that enriches parents and students alike.  Superior academic outcomes go hand in hand with the high expectations of a supportive faith community that is deeply invested in each child’s development.


Mission Statement

       The mission of All Saints School, a shared responsibility of educators and family,

is to provide and reinforce a quality, Catholic education.

We are committed to enhancing the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical and emotional

development of each student.


'Beginning the journey for a lifetime of learning'