The Sadlier School Edition is used in grades K - 5.  Emphasis is placed on the Catholicity of our faith using an age appropriate approach.  Students help to plan and participate in our weekly Thursday masses.

Language Arts
Students in grades K - 5 learn through a continuous curriculum in the reading/language arts areas. Iowa Core Standards are taught using the MacMillan/McGraw-Hill Reading series. This program is supplemented using additional guided reading and trade books.  The program encompasses reading, grammar, spelling, and writing skills.

Social studies.jpg
Social Studies
Students learn all aspects of Social Studies including geography, history, economics, human geography, and government using the Harcourt program.  This is supplemented with web based curriculum in order to provide a comprehensive social studies program for the students. 

We have an accredited full time art teacher.  Students in grades K - 5 receive 1 hour of art instruction each week. 

All Saints School has a state of the art media center. The center includes books for all reading levels, reference materials, and a portable computer lab.  Students have class in the media center once a week, however are encouraged to visit the area on a regular basis.  Library and technology skills are introduced and practiced during the students’ class time.

Iowa Core Standards are taught in grades K - 5.  The math series that is used is published by Houghton Mifflin. Students in grades 3 -5 also use Simple Solutions, a homework curriculum program that reinforces learned skills and introduces new math skills to the students.  Mathletics is a web based math program that all students in grades K - 5 use to enhance their math skills.  Students are able to work on this program at their own pace and level both at school and at  home.

The Science program at All Saints uses a hands-on active learning approach.  To achieve this goal, FOSS Kits are used in each classroom.  They are designed to provide meaningful science education for our students in physical, life, and earth and space education.

All Saints School is proud of the technology education that we offer to our students.  We are 2:1 with the use of iPads and laptops.  We have 2 portable computer labs that are for student use.  The school is continually updating and adding to our technology resources.  All curriculum areas at every grade level use technology to enhance learning.

Physical Education
Students K - 5 have PE class for 3 hours every 6 days.  Specific skills are taught at each grade level.  Health education is incorporated into the PE program.

Our music program includes band, vocal, and music theory.  Students receive 1 hour of music instruction every 6 days.  Opportunities students are given include keyboarding, violin, recorders, and music programs throughout the year.  Fifth grade students have the option of learning to play a specific band instrument.