Resources and Favorite Links 

-Spelling city is used every week for spelling practice.  When you go to the website, search for "Mochal" and click on the most recent spelling list! 

-ABCya has lots of educational games that we use in the classroom for center work. You can browse for games by grade level and content area. This can be accessed on an iPad, and there are 6 new "free" games every week.

-This website has stories that are read by various celebrities through the Screen Actors Guild. It is a great place to go to listen to stories (and most of them are AR books as well!).

-This program is excellent for math practice at home.  Students are provided with a login and password and can access Mathletics at school or at home.

This is a great site for learning more about things we might be learning in science or social studies

Kiddle is a kid-friendly search engine that is very similar to Google!  We use this in class when we are looking up information on certain topics.