Social Studies/Science

This year, we will be learning Social Studies in Mrs. Holverson's room!  The class will be with her every other day for Social Studies, and with me the rest of the days for science.  For information on what they are learning this year in Social Studies feel free to visit her page!


There are six units of study covered over a two year cycle. We will study three units in science class each year.  Our hands-on FOSS Science Program comes to us through Grant Wood AEA.

Insects and Plants

This kit is the first one we will go through.  We will study the life cycles of various plants and animals, and have many different live critters in our room!  We will be watching the life cycles of the mealworm, silkworm, brassica plant, and the painted lady caterpillar!  Watching insects and plants change can be very exciting.


Air and weather

In our second science unit, we will be studying different aspects of weather.  We will be talking about phases of the moon, as well as different instruments used to measure weather.  We will even be making our own tools to use in the classroom!

Please check back for information on our third kit, which will be coming later.