Expectations and Classroom Management

What Makes a Good First Grader?

 This is a list of "Rules" our class came up with on the first day of school:

- Do things the Bruins Way

- BE quiet while working or when the teacher is talking

- Be respectful

- Do your work

- Listen

- Read

- Share

- Help others

- Be kind and not a bully


Pieper's Pennies

Throughout the day, I look for student's who are making OUTSTANDING choices. Each time I catch someone making one of these choices they receive a penny. On Fridays the students get to cash in pennies for coupons with rewards (eating lunch in the classroom, picking out a book to read to the class, etc). Each coupon costs 5 pennies that they've earned. The more great choices they make, the more coupons they can cash in for!