Guided Reading

 Guided Reading in our small group instruction allows children of similar abilities to gain valuable time with the teacher in small groups as well as individually with books that are "just right" for them. Our Guided Reading groups are divided up based on reading levels. The small groups are fluid and children could change groups based on growth throughout the year. Teaching reading through small group Guided Reading allows the teacher to differentiate by being able to focus on specific skills that the students are developing at that time.

Daily 5 Reading Centers

Read to Self: Students read books independently to build stamina
Read to someone: Students read out loud to a partner to build fluency
Listen to Reading: Students use iPads to listen to books, or use apps that target a reading/writing skill we are working on in class
Word Work: Students play word games and/or manipulate letters to create patterns in words
Work on Writing: Students do writing activities independently


Students are given a developmentally appropriate list of words that they keep for 2 weeks. The first week students practice their ability to sort the words into categories and practice spelling their words.  The Thursday after they receive their words, students will be asked to spell the words correctly, as a "traditional" spelling test. One week after the traditional test, the students will be asked to use the knowledge they have gained and spell a mystery word that would fall into the category of the words on the spelling list. After they spell their mystery words, they receive their next set of words.