Expectations and Classroom Management

I can only be,

The very best Me,

God made me to be!

One of many my many sayings students know and are expected to practice while in my room.

I help students remember they are unique and special because they are created by God. They are also expected to use the gifts and talents He has given them to their best abilities in all they do.


As an entire building All Saints has a Positive Behavior Incentive System (PBIS) 

Students are taught and expected to follow the Bruins Ways which is understood and expected throughout the entire school. The main "rules" of our Bruins Ways systems are:

1. Be Safe

2. Be Kind

3. Be Ready

When students exhibit expected behaviors they can earn a blue PBIS ticket. These tickets are collected and each classroom tallies their tickets each week. One ticket is drawn each week from those collected and that student becomes the PBIS VIP student for the following week. Each classroom sets a goal for total and once the goal is reached a reward is decided upon. All classroom collected tickets are added to the school wide total, which goes toward a school wide reward.