Homework Helper

Below you will find options for various homework activities. 

(Students should also take time to read regularly as well as review spelling words in preparation for their spelling test.)


1. Write a letter to a friend or family member. Tell them about something new you learned this month as school. Have someone help you address and send the letter.

2.  Read something you love for 20 minutes or more. Use drawings or words to retell what you read to someone else. 

3. Take time to pray before dinner tonight. Use the prayer before meals we say at school other prayer of your choice.

4. Watch the clouds move in the sky. Based on what you see, discuss with someone why you think they are moving like they are. What could change the way they are moving? Do they look different on different days? Why do you think so?

5. Talk about and practice going to your safe place in case of a fire or storm with your family.

6. Try a food you have never tried before. Write a food review using your 5 senses to help you give details about the food you tried.  Would you recommend it to someone else? Why or Why not?

7. Graph the number of chairs, tables, couches, and t.v.’s in your house. Use a bar graph or a pictograph to show your findings.

8. Ask someone what their favorite recipe is and then learn how to make it with them.

9. Read a Bible story. Create the character or characters in the story using recycled materials.

10. Watch a show that you have never seen before with a parent’s permission. Compare and contrast that show to your favorite show. Use a Venn diagram or create 3 lists.

11. Using the time that you get up each day and when you go to bed each night, find the total number of hours you are awake. Then find the total number of hours you are asleep.

12. Help a neighbor or friend without them knowing it.

13. Ask  a parent to place a handful of coins on the table. Count the value of the coins you see. Can you sort them into groups by size? Or color? Or value of coins?

14. Watch a sporting event on t.v. or in person. Calculate the total score halfway through the event and again at the end of the event or game. What is the difference between the two scores?

15. Take a walk around your yard or neighborhood with someone. How many different kinds of trees do you see? If you find leaves on the ground, do a leaf rubbing of the different leaves you find.

16. Pray for someone hurting or ill. If you don’t know of someone specific, pray for all those needing God’s help in this way.

17. Talk about the best and worst part of your day with someone at home. What made the best part great? What could you do tomorrow to make the worst part better?

18. Using a receipt from the store, add 3 or more items together to get the sum. Can you add all the items? Can you find the difference between the 2 most expensive items?

19. Write and illustrate a story about a magical place.

20. Take a walk or bike ride with someone. Enjoy this time outside and chat about the following: what would you do if you could do anything, where would you go if you could go anywhere?

21. Do a Random Act of Kindness for someone at home.

22. Help plan a meal with a parent, making sure you have meat or protein, fruit, vegetables and grains. Help set the table for this meal.

23. With the help from a parent, research something you are excited to learn more about. Use library books or parent approved internet sites. Create a booklet with the information you learned to share with others.

24. Do something you LOVE with someone you LOVE! How did you feel doing this?

25.  Practice something we learned in school, in a way that you want to practice it!