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In our classroom we set our Literacy time with a combination of activities. A typical day may consist of many of the following activities: whole group instruction, small group Guided Reading instruction, one on one time with the teacher, Daily 5 Centers and writing.

Using aspects of Guided Reading in our small group instruction allows children of similar abilities to gain valuable time with the teacher in small groups as well as individually.

Our Guided Reading groups are divided based reading levels. This means  the small groups are fluid and children often change groups based on growth throughout the year. 

Our Daily 5 Centers include Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work, Work on Writing. Students rotate through these centers throughout the week.

The final aspect of our Literacy time is writing. Students will learn to express their thoughts with ease as well as develop well written pieces
of writing based on standards.


Spelling in our room is slightly less traditional. Students will be given a developmentally appropriate list of words. They will keep this list for 3 weeks. The first week students will be assessed on their ability to sort the words into categories. The second week students will be asked to spell the words correctly, as a "traditional" spelling test. The third week the students will be asked to use the knowledge they have gained and spell a mystery word that would fall into the category of the words on the spelling list. 

It is my hope that through these three varying skills, students will retain and understand the words provided.