Reading and Language


Literature Circles:

Students have been grouped into four reading groups based on their individual needs. 
 In these groups students will work on reading aloud, vocabulary and comprehension. Along with reading strategies they will be able to use when reading on their own.

This week (Oct 24) we are starting small reading groups. We will be reading the book Loser by Jerry Spinelli to start off. This book is about a boy named Zinkoff who is autistic and what school is like for him. Other kids in school make fun of him because he is "different", but he doesn't notice. Zinkoff finds out that it's okay to be different and anyone can become anything! 


What we have talked about so far: 
1. Sentence types
2. Subject and Predicates
3. Run-on sentences
4. Conjunctions


What we have talked about so far:
1. Sentence Fluency
2. Paragraph Organization
3. Ideas
4. Main Idea and Details
5. Sequence of events

This week:

1. Summarizing
2. Write-on: Third grade experiences