Homework Helper


Students will be using Seesaw to complete various assignments during the school week. Student assignments may consist of posting a picture or video or commenting on another student's work.

Language Homework

Students are to read for at least 20 minutes each night. They are encouraged to read longer if time allows.

Each student's goal is to read 100 minutes per week and 200 minutes in two weeks. Parents/guardians are to initial each day the student completes their minimum of 20 minutes. There is a designated area in the student's agenda for tracking their reading minutes - this is where parents/guardians will initial. If students have completed their 200 minutes within the two weeks, they will receive a Free Dress Day slip.

Each Monday, students will have new spelling words in which they will need to study. The final test is each Friday, so students should study their list of words each night before then.


Students should be practicing their multiplication facts as often as they can. Students will be creating flash cards that they will use to help them practice.

The following website is also a great way to help them practice their multiplication facts:

Math Salamanders Multiplication Practice


Multiplication Tables Songs:

Fours Table

Sixes Table

Sevens Table

Eights Table