Digital Citizenship

Technology Vision at All Saints:

The vision at All Saints Parish School is to adapt to the challenges of the 21st century through the access and utilization of technology in an ethical and safe manner. Our curriculum and resources will provide students with access to authentic and appropriate tools to gain knowledge and develop their skills. As global citizens, students will create and disseminate artifacts that demonstrate their understandings.

Technology will be seamlessly integrated into the educational process and provide the means for learning, communicating and collaborating in groups. All Saints Parish School will inspire, enable, and empower every student and staff member to meet high academic standards in the area of technology. 

Ethical: As stated above we teach technology to students while also teaching them the importance of using technology ethically. This means we discuss the importance of doing your own work. We discuss what resources you are allowed to copy, because of copyright laws and which you are not allowed. We discuss plagiarism and how to cite your work correctly. The final thing we talk about ethically is realizing that everything you find on the Internet is not always factual. We discuss the differences in good resources and third and fourth party resources.

Safe: Safety at school is important to us as it is to you. Safety in this 21st century is vital to teach students how to use the Internet in a safe way. When students are researching they are only allowed to use approved websites by the teacher. Students are not allowed to just "surf" the Internet on their own. We have in place a plan if a student feels he/she have somehow ended up on an inappropriate website.

Digital Citizenship: Digital citizenship is discussed with students throughout guidance class in both the 4th and the 5th grade classrooms. In social studies, students have an entire unit on digital citizenship.  At this end of this unit, students create their own public service message about digital citizenship.

If at anytime you have questions regarding the rules we have at All Saints feel free to contact your student's homeroom teacher.