4th Grade Music

Recorder Karate!

As part of our music curriculum at All Saints the fourth graders will continue to learn how to play the recorder through a program entitled Recorder Karate. Recorder Karate is a motivational method for students to learn the recorder and to have fun in the process. Students work together to learn notes on the recorder and they use those notes to play songs in order to receive different colors of karate belts. Each belt represents a different level of difficulty. 

will prepare a song on their recorder for the Spring concert on April 24th.  Parents and guests are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Celebrate Music!

March is “Music In Our Schools” month


Keyboard Lab

During the month of February, the All Saints students participated in a keyboard lab during Music Class. Students were able to learn and explore the organization of the keyboard, while mastering several keyboard songs. This unit is part of  the Cedar Rapids Metro Catholic Schools fine arts courses. The keyboards rotate between the elementary schools during the school year. It is a great opportunity for students to learn basic keyboard skills!



5th Grade Band Try-Outs

The 4th graders will have an opportunity to join band next year!

After the spring concert we will begin discussing different instrument options. Mr. Doug Davis from Griggs Music Store will stop in May to demonstrate the different band instruments that will be offered. He will then come back a different day and let the students try out their top two instrument choices to find the one that fits them the best.

Ms. Detert and Griggs music will have a parent meeting for incoming 5th grade students who are interested in band.  Students and families will find out more about the program and instrument rental. The students will be starting lessons with Ms. Detert this summer.