Association of Parents and Teachers


     All Saints School and APT (Association of Parents & Teachers) is a volunteer based organization that creates events and opportunities for the benefit and enrichment of students.    We encourage families to come together and show support for our school through a shared    learning experience. We organize two major fundraisers per year.  A Walk-a-Thon in the fall and a Parents Night Out in the spring. These events can only be successful with the help of parents and family donations. We encourage everyone to get involved!  All dollars raised go directly back to the school to fund creative and innovative projects throughout the year.

      The Association of Parents & Teachers (APT) is made up of All Saints School parents and teachers. These volunteers organize and implement many needed projects and fun social events that compliment the educational experiences of our children.

    The dollars raised through our fundraisers help support many aspects of All Saints School including: technology for the classrooms, faculty workshops, fine arts experiences,

  Read-A-Thon, Write-On publishing program, Grandparents Day, Catholic Schools Week, All Saints Art Fair, and so much more! Read below to find out more details about these fun events.

APT Event Calendar 2018-2019 through December

Grandparents Day

    Every Fall, the All Saints Community celebrates Grandparents. These special people are a very important part of our students lives.  As part of the day we have a prayer service and tours of our school.  A delicious lunch is served to everyone.  Students are very proud of their school and enjoy sharing part of their day with their grandparents and/or special friends.

                  Grandparents enjoy lunch and
                  time with their grandchildren,
                  while getting tours of classrooms
                  and other favorite places in our
                  beautiful building.


     All Saints School is a special place that offers excellent education in a wonderful setting.  Many resources are needed to keep our school a special place for students of today and tomorrow.  In order to achieve this goal, one of APT’s primary fundraiser is the Walk-a-Thon.  Families are encouraged to seek donations from friends and family by completing mailing labels with names and addresses.  Then we send a letter in the child’s name asking for support for the Walk-A- Thon.  Donations can come from anywhere in the country. Corporate sponsors are also an integral part of the fundraising.

  In return for the donation, students, staff, and families spend time walking.  It is an afternoon of fellowship and community fun.  Students have the satisfaction of knowing that they helped “Fund the Future” of All Saints School.

                drums walkathon.jpg
                These drums are one example
                Walk-a-thon funds being used to
                enhance our music and fine arts


       All Saints School is taking the lead to meet the needs of all our students.  In order to support this effort,  APT hosts a fundraiser for all the parents, parish members, and staff.  BRUINS BASH is highly attended, because 100% of the money goes directly back into the school to support students’ growth academically, emotionally, and spiritually.  It is an evening of fun and fellowship for the adults of our parish and school.

               Parents enjoying food and fellowship
               while showing support for the school at
               our annual event. 

Write On  

    Write On is a kindergarten through fifth, school-wide writing project based on the six traits of writing. Each grade focuses on one of the traits while they publish a book.  Kindergarten students will learn about ideas and content.  A first grader will learn about organizing a story with a beginning, middle, and end.  Second graders learn to construct a simple chapter book with simple sentences.  Through their personal experiences, third graders will learn to develop voice in their writing and further their organizational skills.  In fourth grade the student will construct a quality piece of writing using accurate and interesting word choices.  Fifth graders will learn how to incorporate a variety of poetry forms with the continues use of revisions and editing techniques to produce a quality piece of writing.  In the spring of the year, students are given the opportunity to share their published writing.  Friends and family are invited to an evening of book sharing.

          A student shares all of his hard work on
          his published Write-On book. 

Art Fair

    All students have an artistic side. This could be in painting, acting, drawing, story telling, or sculpting.  All Saints School gives students the opportunity to showcase their artistic talents.  In conjunction with our Write On night, we have an Art Fair.  Samples of student work from the entire school year is on display for friends and family to admire.

               art fair.jpg