Welcome to Third Grade!

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 Accelerated Reading is a important component of the third grade curriculum.  Students in third grade need to have a minimum of 8 points per semester. They will receive a free dress day certificate for every 8 points they earn. We encourage the students to read chapter books at their grade level. Special prizes are awarded if the student earns 20 or more points in a semester.

  Homework is an important part of the third graders day, however their  homework should not take longer than 20 - 30 minutes.  If the student appears to be struggling with homework, please discuss this with their teachers.

    One piece of math homework that the students will have on Monday through Thursday nights is called Simple Solutions.  Each student has their own Simple Solutions book.  The third graders will be working in the Simple Solutions math book along with the regular math series.  Simple Solutions is a program that is geared as homework.   Each day the students will be assigned one lesson, which consists of 15 - 20 math questions.  The students need to do their homework and make sure to bring the book back the next day.  In class the work is checked together and any questions the students may have about the work are answered. It's important that the students do the work on their own.  They may not know the answer to all the questions. This is OK -- we will go through the questions the next day and their questions can be answered at that time.

  On Fridays the students will take a 15 point quiz.  Quiz questions are taken directly from the homework.  It is our hope to increase students mathematical knowledge through this program.

       The students will be given a pre-test before we start the program.  In May we will take a post-test.  It is the same test, and we hope to see improvement in scores.

   If you have any questions about the Simple Solutions program please contact either Mrs. Kruth or Mrs. Bolt.