Religion class is a very important part of our day.  Third grade religion digs deeper into our Catholic Faith.  Our first unit focuses on Jesus and the Holy Family.  We learn about Jesus' life and how the Apostles helped the Early Church grow .

   We are currently learning about the Catholic Church, prayer, and the mass.  Students have been studying the Apostles Creed and will be expected to recite the prayer from memory by the end of the year.

      There is a small 10 point quiz at the end of every chapter in religion. At the end of the unit (5 chapters) the students have a Unit Test.  Materials will be sent home to study for the unit test as it is a more comprehensive assessment.  We have been using our SMART Boards to help us review for the weekly quizzes.

   **Remember we have an all school mass every Thursday morning at 9:00. All are welcome to join us in this very special children's liturgy.  Third graders are expected to participate fully in the mass through singing and praying.

  The third grade Companion Saints are St. Cecilia and St. Peter. We will learn about their lives and how they served God.

   You can visit the interactive web site that goes along with our Religion series at:  

   It contains information and family activities about what we are learning in class.