Social Studies

    Our main theme of study in third grade is Communities. We have been studying different types of communities, urban, suburban, and rural areas and how they are alike and different.  We will continue looking at the people and different places that are in these types of communities.

  As we begin the study of human geography, we are looking at how people use the land that we have been given.  We will also be studying history and how people have invented many things to help make our lives easier.

     We will be using the iPads to create displays of various geographical terms.  The iPads also have some great apps for learning the states in the United States.

   Time for Kids is a current events magazine that we read in Social Studies.  Time for Kids has articles on what is happening in the world in the areas of health, government, and safety.  We discuss the articles once a week in Social Studies class. 

     Time for Kids has a web site that extends the articles in the magazine. 

     The address for the site is: