Start Smart - We Are Special

               Unit 1   Families

                                        My Family and Me

                                        Families Get Together

                                        Families Change             

                Unit 2    Friends  

                                        Learning About Friends

                                        What is a Friend?

                                        Getting Along

                 Unit 3   Transportation 

                                       Getting Around Town

                                       Traveling Far and Near

                                       Wheels All Around

                Unit 4    Food

                                        Where Food Comes From

                                        What's For Dinner?

                                        Food Traditions

                Unit 5    Animals

                                        Animals We Know

                                        How Animals Change and Grow

                                        Animal Homes

                 Unit 6    Neighborhood

                                        Our Neighborhood

                                        People and Places

                                        Neighborhood Workers

                 Unit 7    Weather

                                        Kinds of Weather


                                        How Weather Affects Us

                 Unit 8    Plants

                                       How Trees Grow

                                       Seeds and Plants

                                       What's In My Garden

                 Unit 9    Amazing Creatures

                                       Interesting Insects

                                       The Amazing Ocean

                                       Animals Now and Then

                 Unit 10   I Know A Lot!

                                        Show What You Know

                                        Art All Around Us

                                         Let's Count Down

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