Unit 1:  God Gives Us Many Gifts        

                           God Made All Things

                           God Gives Us Light

                           God Gives Us Water

                           God Gives Us the Land

                           God Made the Animals

             The Church

               Ordinary Time


Unit 2:  God Is Our Creator

                            God Made All People

                            God Made Us

                            God Helps Us to Discover

                            We Learn About God With Our Families

                            We Learn About God With Our Friends




Unit 3:  Jesus Shows Us God’s Love

                           God Chooses Mary

                           God the Father Gives Us Jesus

                           Jesus Grew Up in Nazareth

                           Jesus Teaches and Helps Us

                           Jesus Wants Us to Love



         The Three Days


Unit 4: Jesus Wants Us to Share God’s Love

                           We Belong to the Church

                           We Pray as Jesus Did

                           We Celebrate Jesus’ Gift of Himself

                           We Care About Other’s as Jesus Did

                           We Celebrate That Jesus Is Our Friend