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All Saints School Accelerated Reader 2019-20


Welcome to the Accelerated Reader program. This program, although it uses the word “accelerated”, is for all students in grades one through five. It is a computerized management program that helps to check the reading comprehension levels of students as they read or are read certain books. All Saints has access to hundreds of thousands of tests in reading levels from first grade to high school. All Saints adopted this program more than twenty years ago because we believe that reading is a very important skill for our students to master. The ability to read increases a student’s success in all other academic areas.

Students select and are read books that have a test available. You may check the availability of tests from home by visiting the following website: As students develop their reading skills, they are encouraged to read the books themselves. Test questions are 5, 10, or 20 multiple- choice questions. Advantage Learning Systems or teachers and parents of All Saints write these tests.

Parents wishing to review their student’s Accelerated Reader account should check with their student’s Reading teacher.


How Are Tests Administered?


All students may take tests:


  • before school, between 8:25 and 8:35 in their classroom
  • during Media class, as time allows
  • in the classroom, as time allows


Semester Point Cycles

At the end of each semester, students must start over on achieving their minimum points. All grades carry over points only for Free Dress Day (FD2) certificates. A certain number of points are required EACH semester to earn incentives.

Free Dress Day Certificates

Students may only redeem their FD2 certificates on FRIDAYS. Teachers check student totals once a week and then students will receive FD2 certificates.

Minimum Points-Requirement for Sundae Party and Pizza Party

•The following is a list of incentives that students may earn.

•Students may earn a sundae party (first semester) or pizza party (second semester). The sundae party will be served with the school lunch. Students will receive ice cream and choice of toppings at no charge. The pizza party provides pizza, vegetable, dessert and a drink.

Meeting Everyone’s Needs

If parents feel that the point requirements are not meeting the needs of their student, special arrangements may be made with the reading teacher, student and parent as to adjusting the minimum point requirement.

Novels read as class assignments or read to the class that are on the Accelerated Reader test list are acceptable to test over and, in fact, students are encouraged to do so. Reading abridged classics or watching movies does not guarantee that students will pass these tests. Movies may leave out several critical parts in the book.

If you have any questions about the Accelerated Reader program, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Breitbart  or your child’s Reading teacher.

Grade FD2 Certificate Points First Semester ends January 10th -Sundae party Jan. 17th Second Semester testing ends May 15th- Pizza party May 22nd End of Year Incentive
Kindergarten 1 point not eligible not eligible not eligible
  Class FD2 certificate only      
First 2 points 8 points 10 points The top two readers will receive a t-shirt.
Second 5 points 12 points 15 points The top two readers will receive a t-shirt.
Third 10 points 20 points 20 points The top two readers will receive a t-shirt.
Fourth 15 points 25 points 25 points The top two readers will receive a t-shirt.
Fifth 15 points 25 points 25 points The top two readers will receive a t-shirt.