• Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Ready!

  • Voice level should be a level 1

  • Please leave the library in the same or better condition than when you arrived.

  • Book check out

The Media Center is open from 8:25 to 3:50 each full school day. Students are welcome to check out books during those 10 minutes we are open before and 15 minutes after school, during their Media Center check out days or even during the school day (as long as we do not have a class).

Books are due two weeks after check-out.  If you are not finished with your book, you may renew it for another two weeks (with the exception of current  Iowa Children’s Choice Award Books, these may not be renewed).

  • Check out limits

Kindergarten and 1st grade - 2 books

2nd grade - 2 books or 1 book and 1 magazine

3rd grade - 3 books or 2 books and 1 magazine

4th and 5th grades - 4 books or 3 books and 1 magazine

Please note, students with excessive fines (fines greater than $2.00) or books that are overdue a month or more will be limited to checking one book out at a time until the fines are paid and/or overdue books are returned.

  • Overdue Books and Fines

Fines for overdue books are assessed to students in grades 4 and 5 only and are. 05 cents per school day.

In an effort to help you help your student, email notices will be sent on Monday mornings to let you know if your student has an overdue book or any fines.  Please note, if the book is overdue, the body of the email will state “OVERDUE”  indicating those books that are due back to the library.  If your student has fines, the body of the email will state “UNPAID FINES” for those books that were returned late (overdue fines, of .05 cents a day, are for 4th and 5th grades only) or students may have fines for books that were lost or damaged.  I appreciate your help in getting overdue books returned in a timely manner.

  • Damaged Books

If a book is damaged, please do not repair it yourself.  Have your student return the book to the Media Center with a note about the damage and we will fix the book if we are able. If the books cannot be fixed, you will be billed for the book.  Please do not buy a copy of the book for the library, we will take your funds and purchase a replacement book.